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At Alphas Remote Team, we focus on promoting awareness of health and workplace safety among our remote team through education and consistent practice of preventive measures.

We use the term DNA to describe the organizational and cultural design factors that define our company’s personality, in which we promote open and transparent communication to ensure that all members of our Alpha pack are informed and trained about workplace risks and ways to prevent accidents.

Since mid-2022, we have been working on creating informative newsletters related to safety and health in the workplace, which are issued on a weekly basis.

Some of our recommendations for our Alphas:

  • Always take care of the lighting in your workstation. 
  • Perform stretches to prevent fatigue; you can find several options on YouTube. 
  • Maintain a proper balance between your personal and work life. 
  • Adopt good posture and choose suitable work chairs for you. 
  • Stay hydrated during your working hours. 
  • Do not use headphones at high volume; do not exceed 60%. 
  • Ensure order and cleanliness in your workspace.

Our priority is to take care of the health and well-being of every member of the remote team, and we ensure that each one has the necessary tools to work safely and efficiently from their remote location.

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