Remote work: much more than a passing trend

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As fervent believers in the remote work model, we sometimes face opinions that see it as a “passing trend” due to the Covid crisis, or as a model on the brink of extinction. We prefer to explain why we believe remote work is a reality that will continue to expand in the business environment.

We have consistently faced the challenge of hiring and retaining talent within organizations, a task that is never easy, regardless of the company’s profile. This is especially true for IT roles.

If you can hire the necessary profiles, with low turnover, competitive salaries, and happy employees who commute to your offices, remote work may not be necessary. But for those who need more options, remote work opens up a range of possibilities.

With remote work, geographical restrictions vanish, and you can reach across a country, or even a continent, opening yourself up to a multitude of opportunities. By embracing remote work, you will improve the quality of life for your collaborators, who will no longer have to invest hours of their day in commutes that are rarely acknowledged.

It’s evident that the remote work model doesn’t apply to all companies or all individuals. So, what makes a company successful with remote work? And what skills should employees have to thrive in a remote work environment? Below, we detail some characteristics that we have identified during our journey in the world of remote work:

Successful Company in Remote Work

  • Adaptability to change: They can quickly adapt to new situations and conditions, something vital in a constantly changing digital world.
  • Clear and effective communication:They invest in tools and technology that facilitate collaboration and communication among teams.
  • Team trust: They foster autonomy and allow employees the freedom to manage their own time and work.
  • Results-oriented performance management:They focus on achieved results and objectives, rather than hours worked.
  • Ability to handle uncertainty:They use moments of uncertainty as opportunities to learn and grow.

Successful Employee in Remote Work

  • Self-discipline: They can manage their time, set their own priorities, and stay focused without constant supervision.
  • Excellent communication skills: Clear and effective communication through digital channels is essential.
  • Responsibility: They fulfill their commitments without the need for constant supervision.
  • Proactivity and autonomy:They take initiative and seek solutions on their own.
  • Detail-oriented: They question themselves, striving to deliver quality and value.

Remote work offers significant benefits, but to maximize them, it requires us to question and improve the way we are doing things.

Do you believe remote work is just a passing trend, or do you see it as an opportunity for growth and evolution for companies?

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