Keys to Successfully Engaging Remote Talent

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Keys to Successfully Engaging Remote Talent

In an increasingly connected world, remote work has revolutionized the way we recruit talent. With a shortage of specialized profiles in our country, particularly in the technology sector, companies are considering the option of seeking talent abroad. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 54% of companies are already exploring this possibility to fill key vacancies. At Alphas Remote Team, we understand the importance of adapting to this change and capitalizing on the opportunities offered by international talent.

Demand for specialized profiles:

The difficulty in finding suitable profiles for key positions, especially in areas related to digitization, has led companies to expand their search beyond borders. Recruiters have identified that the most challenging skills to find in the local workforce are related to cybersecurity, software development, coding, finance, and proficiency in a second language. That’s why companies in America and Europe are focusing their efforts on recruiting remote talent abroad, especially engineers and software developers.

Benefits of remote work and international hiring:

The remote work model has opened new opportunities for both candidates and companies. Candidates can develop missing skills, find better opportunities, and consider working in other countries thanks to this model. On the other hand, companies can fill vacancies with people located anywhere in the world, without the need to physically relocate to their offices. This approach is here to stay and has become a strong trend in the labor market.

Considerations when hiring international talent:

At Alphas Remote Team, we understand the importance of establishing an appropriate process for hiring international talent. Here are three key considerations that companies should keep in mind:

Digital onboarding process: It is essential to have a digital onboarding protocol that allows all necessary information to be conveyed to new employees, even remotely. This involves a transformation in organizational culture and requires leaders who are open to change and empathetic, capable of uniting remote teams.

Effective recruitment plan: Developing a plan with clear objectives is essential when recruiting international talent. Identifying specific profiles that the company needs and has had difficulty finding, based on technical knowledge and soft skills, will help focus recruitment efforts more effectively.

Understanding the job market: Implementing a global selection process involves understanding the job market both locally and internationally. It’s important to consider elements such as compensation structures, motivations, and other aspects that can influence the choice of the ideal candidate. Additionally, having the right infrastructure and being competitive in this globalized market is a key factor for success.

As the job market evolves rapidly, it’s essential for companies to prepare to be more competitive by building a globalized workforce. At Alphas Remote Team, we take pride in helping companies overcome the challenges of recruiting specialized talent and making the most of the opportunities offered by the international market.

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